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Recharge, Rebalance...and find your calm


Welcome to Rebalance with Reiki. Helping you and your family to stay balanced, calm and healthy! In today’s world, heightened through the Covid-19 pandemic, it is easy for mums to feel stressed, anxious and overwhelmed. Rebalance with Reiki is all about helping women to manage the chaos of everyday family life by recharging, rebalancing and finding their calm.

Both the Reiki treatments and accompanying complementary wellbeing toolkit elements such as meditation, crystals and essential oils all work together to balance and calm both the mind and body.


About Me

Hi, I'm Caroline...a busy, working mum to three wonderful girls. I trained and worked as a lawyer for most of my career reaching partner level before leaving to start a family.

My Reiki journey very much started for myself; having Reiki treatments as a way of exploring alternative therapies. Reiki helped me to find balance in the chaos of family life and so the journey started with my training in Reiki level 1 & 2 before reaching Master/Teacher level. I am also qualified and experienced in crystal healing and meditation.

reiki hertford
Rebalance With Reiki

About Reiki

Reiki is a form of complementary therapy. It is a Japanese healing technique developed by Dr Mikao Usui. "Rei" means ‘universal’ and "ki" means ‘life force energy’.


Life force energy flows within the physical body through energy centres called “chakras” and pathways called “meridians” as well as flowing around the body in a field of energy called the “aura”.
During the course of our daily lives, these energy centres and fields respond to everything we think, say, feel and experience which can lead to blockages which can transform into physical illnesses and symptoms.

Reiki Benefits


Aids restful sleep 


Eases stress and tension


Helps with aches and pains


Enhances health and wellbeing


Balances the body's energy

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Reiki in Hertford

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Reiki in Hertford


E.M. - Hertford

I am so pleased to have found such a lovely Reiki practitioner offering sessions local to me. Caroline has a wonderfully calm and relaxing manner and the session itself left me feeling completely chilled, not to mention the fantastic night's sleep I had following my treatment. If you are looking for a Reiki practitioner in Hertford I would highly recommend Caroline at Rebalance with Reiki.

I had a really good reiki experience with Caroline. She put me at ease and I was able to fully relax during my treatment. I felt it helped me sleep better and feel calmer. I will be booking regular sessions to keep on top of my general well-being.

I had an hour's Reiki treatment with Caroline and loved it! Having not had reiki before, Caroline explained how it works and made me feel completely at ease in the consultation and throughout the treatment. I honestly didn't know what to expect but I felt so revitalised, calm and relaxed after and had the best night's sleep I've had in a long time!! I will definitely be booking again!

K.F. - Stansted Abbots

E.D. - Hertford

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